If SalonQP acts as a barometer for the current state of the watch industry then could BONHOFF be the shape of things to come?” Scott Manson (editor of Tempus Magazine)
Hannes Bonhoff with visitors at SalonQP (photo by www.kalory.co.uk)
BONHOFF is an independent brand that offers high-value watches with unconventional time display in the four-figure price range. After two years of prototyping and refinement the brand made its public debut at SalonQP 2014 where the watches were considered as one of the highlights of the show. The watches are based on two of Hannes Bonhoff’s inventions: a time on demand display system and an integrated leather strap construction.
Hannes Bonhoff with visitors at SalonQP (photo by www.kalory.co.uk)
Hannes Bonhoff is an engineer by trade and has worked in research on engineering acoustics where he received MSc and PhD degrees. Inspired by the uniform use of the conventional time display throughout the watch industry, he started to develop watch concepts in 2005 and filed his first patent application in 2006. With four patents granted and counting, Hannes Bonhoff left a promising research career and founded the watch brand BONHOFF with a single purpose: to bring the inventions to life.