Temporis Magazine: “Hannes Bonhoff’s company has earned a reputation for design innovations in the field of mechanical watches, just one year after the debut of the brand and watch BONHOFF IP3.0.
WristWatch Magazine: “The pioneering IP3.0 from BONHOFF puts a new spin (literally) on timekeeping.
Tempus Magazine: “If SalonQP acts as a barometer for the current state of the watch industry then could BONHOFF be the shape of things to come?
Oracle Magazine: “Want a super-sexy timepiece that’ll get your colleagues talking for all the right reasons?
The Telegraph Time Watch Review: “German founder and engineer Hannes Bonhoff has been sparking the curiosity of the watch industry since he started filing patents in 2006.
QP Magazine: “Instead of using lugs, a single piece of leather hugs the watch.
U.J.S.: “Ein einziger Lederausschnitt ist in Handarbeit um das Uhrengehäuse gefaltet.
GZ Goldschmiede Zeitung: “Eine neue Marke mit ganz neuem Blick auf die Zeit.