Since the advent of quartz watches and today smartphones, the mechanical watch has evolved beyond its initial sole purpose of keeping time. The BONHOFF IP3.0 is a distinct manifestation of this evolution.” Hannes Bonhoff (founder and owner of BONHOFF)
The BONHOFF IP3.0 is based on two patented inventions: an interactive time display and a fully integrated leather strap. It is exclusively available for purchase directly from its creator Hannes Bonhoff.
How we experience time is psychologically very complex and the way we typically show time perhaps too simple – it is effective but leaves us as mere observers. I wanted more interactivity.” Hannes Bonhoff (founder and owner of BONHOFF)


Interactive display system
The patented display system consists of eight layers including five sapphire discs and offers a time on demand function. With a turn of the bezel, the current time can be revealed and hidden, making the reading of the time a more deliberate act. The technical and aesthetical simplicity of the BONHOFF IP3.0 results in a price point seldomly encountered on watches with unconventional time display. The purity of the dial is further enhanced by revealing the indices of the hour and minute scale only where they are needed for a precise reading of the time. The time is read by turning the bezel and aligning the elements of the display. In analogy with the conventional time display, the large display elements represent the minute and the small display elements represent the hour.
Hannes Bonhoff with visitor at SalonQP (photo by
Integrated leather strap construction
As conventional lugs would obstruct the fingers when rotating the bezel for reading the time, a strap construction was developed and patented with a seamless transition to the case, except with seams leading around the case. Instead of using lugs, a single piece of leather hugs the watch creating smooth curvatures that please the fingers when turning the bezel. The crown is used to conceal the joint of the two ends of the leather which is cut from a flat hide and then folded around the case without stretch. A double case back allows for a convenient exchange of the strap without exposing the watch movement.


The BONHOFF IP3.0 is designed with everything but a watch in mind. The smooth curvature of the strap follows the anatomy of the wrist and pleases the fingers when turning the bezel. By concealing the center point of the dial as well as the hour and minute indices where they are not needed, a watch of contemporary aesthetics is created governed by the large and elemental forms of the circles and crescents.

Quality and origin

A BONHOFF is produced by renown manufacturers in Germany and Switzerland making no compromise in the technical solutions and materials used. The impeccable German engineering of the titanium case with six sapphire crystals combined with one of the most reliable Swiss automatic movements ever built yields watches that are made to last. The origin of production is stated on the case back accurate to a tenth.
Technical specifications
  • MODELS: BONHOFF IP3.0B with black top disc and BONHOFF IP3.0W with white top disc
  • CASE MATERIAL: ELI-grade titanium (a purer version of grade 5 titanium developed for increased toughness and biocompatibility) with partial DLC coating
  • CROWN: water resistant double-O-ring crown made from ELI-grade titanium with DLC coating
  • CRYSTALS: five sapphires (front sapphire is domed) with anti-reflective coatings (hard coatings are applied to the two outer surfaces)
  • DIMENSIONS: 44.3 mm diameter and 13.9 mm height at the highest point in the center
  • MOVEMENT: swiss-made automatic mechanical ETA 2824-2 with custom rotor visible through the exhibition case back
  • WATER RESISTANCE RATING: 3 ATM (suitable for everyday use; splash and rain resistant; not suitable for showering, bathing, swimming, etc.)
  • PRICE: 4500 Euro (incl. 19 % VAT in Germany)